Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hunter Hints

Below are the hints for the Summer Solstice Hunt. Just click on the number to be teleported to that location. Have fun!

1. Pandas need love too and a prize you will see soon!

2. Ask the oracle for she knows of what you seek.

3. "Oh, do not tell the priest our plight, or he would call it a sin, But we've been out in the woods all night, a-conjuring summer in, And we bring you good news by word of mouth, good news for cattle and "CORN": Now is the sun come up from the south, by Oak, and Ash, and Thorn."

4. Hint Giver

5. Seek ye the protection of the goddess and ye shall be richly rewarded!

6. Where the hand of man carves runes into stone and makes monoliths to sing the fallen and praise the gods there do I rest.

7. Dance Amongst the Fairies and a gift they will reveal!

8. Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, Like a tea tray in the sky.

9.Hint Giver

10. Does Not Need One

11.Come and dance with a Japanese lady

12. No Hint Needed

13. Hint Giver

14. Take a Bath with Bast

15. Do not use this contractor for your remodeling needs, they didn't even bother to clean up the mess!

16. Under Water but still Dry.

17. This will brighten your room and is a real traffic stopper

18. the sun and moon shine over anklets.

19. It's a pagan hunt, so... find me near the pagan at the garden.

20. The sun normally sets to the west...this little guy is a bit off course.

21.Go to the back

22. I only have EYES for you

23. Hint Giver

24. Give to a good cause!

25. tea & cake anyone?


27. its a beautiful sunset

28. I spy something green. I spy something gold. The sky was not for me. A little piece of Ireland Wrapped around your wrist, Behind it is where I'll be.

29. It's a hot Summer Night and the Stars are bright, Fairies dancing in the Sky, Look up, your gift is nigh.



32.You gotta go up in the world, 2 gifts to find 1 male 1 female in diff places


34. They have always said...once you enter...never look back... but sometimes... that's exactly what you have to do....

35. I fell asleep in the library while researching Summer Solstice. Your gift must have fallen out of my pocket somewhere up there. (Check out the lighthouse)


37.Some of the best things in life are free.

38. Behind the waterfall I dwell within a circle of fire, I am waiting in a cave just to watch you inspire.
39. For Midsummer you must go check The sparkling danglies 'round one's neck.

40. In 1991 a scary movie named People under the. ***** was made, and this is where you will find your prize.

41.Bees and butterflies may visit you if you are delicious!!!

42. Cernunnos is out dancing in the woods somewhere, but Mother Moon is up among the stars, keeping an eye on his seat while he's away.

43. Time to sit in a ring of flowers

44. i love fairies

45.greens fits my eyes. i want them all.


47. My goodness!! All my shoes are under my there something else there too? The cat? doesn't purr.

48. Hint Giver

49. i sit here so torn on where to go, there are so many great shops to see


51. The man was drunk and fell asleep under a tree. Presently two young lasses happened by and wondered if the rumors were true. They lifted it up and did see what God had graced him with on his birth. They tied a blue ribbon around it and left. Upon waking to the Call of Nature, he marveled at what he saw. "Lad I don't know where ya been, but I see you've won first prize!"

52. hunting is *pane*

53. "It's antique and it hangs on the wall."

54. " All my inspiration come from the Fairies Nature"

55. let the spirits guide you toward Nature, and symbols of devotion to place on her altar.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Litha/Summer Solstice

Applications will be accepted from May 18th until May 31st or until the 60 vendor limit is reached.

The order of the hunt will be the order in which applications are received.

The general WOTYH rules apply

If you'd be interested in joining us, fill out this application and return it to Willow Rajesh by May 31st

(Create a new NC named Litha WOTYH App (your name)(store name) and copy/paste the following into it)

Today's Date:

Store Name:

Your Name :

Additional Contact(s):

Type of store/items you sell:



Land Rating (PG, Mature, Adult):

How is your business and/or gift related to Pagans and/or Litha?

Send completed application to
Willow Rajesh, WOTYH Organizer

Updated Wheel of the Year Hunts Rules

★★ Rules For All Wheel Of The Year Hunts ★★

★ This is a new hunt group for Pagans. This includes ALL Pagans and Pagan friendly stores. While we will happily accept non-Pagan hunters and vendors, we will also happily boot them from the group for preaching to us.

★ There will be a new hunt for each majorly recognized Sabbath. Please do not get your knickers in a twist if your Sabbath is not what we choose to represent that month. You MAY make a gift that reflects your Sabbath if you so choose as long as it is in the same theme as the hunt.

★ If you are approved as a vendor, then I will invite you to join our Group. This group will be where you let me know if you're going to have some problem with your store and so forth.

★ Prior WOTYH vendors will get applications for subsequent hunts first.

★ You will receive a poster for your store, which will need to be displayed outside of your store during the hunt, as well as 2 weeks before. Volunteers will be doing a walk through of the stores 7 days before it starts to make sure the signs are out.

★ You will be notified of your acceptance immediately, so you can start working on your gift. If you have not heard anything about your application status in 1-2 days, please contact me and resend it. I will be making sure that you have the landmark for your item, a week before the hunt.

★ There are no restrictions as to what type of gift you give. However , no resellers, business in a box and/or freebies found in BIAB will be accepted. Must stay within the Theme that is presented. Meaning, you can't just make any old silly thing last minute and call it good. How silly and boring.

★ You MUST have an item for men AND Women. Many hunts cater to just one or the other. This hunt is equal. You must have something for the men as well as women or Uni-sexed (and not that silly excuse of feminine male unisex). Reason for this, many men are on these hunts and most have to rid themselves of 80% of the hunt items because it is for females.

★ Gifts do not have to be Pagan in nature, but they must relate somehow to the theme of the currently represented Sabbath.

★ Keep it exclusive during the hunt. Keep your product exclusive and only available for the hunters during the length of the hunt. After wards, feel free to sell it, if you wish.

★ Hide it.. It is a "Hunt" after all. Many vendors in several hunts just toss the item out in the open for hunters to tp in and leave. No fun! Actually hide the item! Preferably keep it within 30 meters of your hunt sign.

★ MUST have your Hunt sign up. No hunt sign, You are booted from the Hunt.

★ No Clubs. Also a Note on mall spots, if the hunter cannot tp directly in front of your store without having to search, then No. We prefer main stores whenever possible.

★ All questions should be sent via Note-card. Note-card should be labeled WOTYH Q - Your Name and sent to Willow Rajesh

(My personal thanks to Liliane Despres, owner of ..::Rasetsukoku::.. and organizer of the Macabre Hunt for her permission to use her rules)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beltane Hunt!

Welcome to the Wheel of the Year Hunts Group.

If you need help, join the Wheel of the Year Hunts group to keep up to date with what's going on in this hunt. Copy/paste this into local and click on it to get to the group: secondlife:///app/group/bc2c55a4-1cf4-0acb-96d3-25bd4743a13a/about

This is the only OFFICIAL hunt order and hint list for the Wheel of the Year Beltane Hunt.

Throughout this hunt you will be collecting clues. These clues are numbers that will make up a full SLURL to get you to the final prize area where vendors have placed items that are free to 50Ls. Some of these items are exclusive to this hunt, and some are discounted regular stock.

There are 6 clues total and they are numbered and found in order if you do the hunt from start to finish. Store #1 has clue #1, the rest are randomized.

Numbers are SLURLS so if you get stuck, just click on the number to the next store and copy/paste the SLURL into local chat if the tp from the web doesn't work for you.

#01 HINT: Hint giver on the Wall o' Hunts

#02 Hint Giver At Store

#03 Does not need a hint

#04 HINT: It sure gets warm in red rooms.

#05 HINT: Hint giver on site by hunt signs.

- #6 is set an - ADULT SIM - Previous store has Two LMs inside, choose the one that fits your needs.

#06 HINT: Hint giver near tp landing-current hint "The Witches thrice make burnt offerings"

#07 Does Not Need A Hint

#08 Does Not Need a Hint

#09 HINT: Sings (badly)

'In the woods there grew a tree
And a very fine tree was he
And on that tree there was a limb
And on that limb there was a branch
And on that branch there was a spray
And on that spray there was a nest
And in that nest there was a....'

(from Jack Hicko's 'Maypole Song' for the film 'The Wicker Man')

#10 Bella and Penelope are waiting for you to come dance with them

#11 HINT: Call me on the phone.

#12 HINT: TP TO SKY - hint giver next to tp point in sky store)

#13 HINT: Have you checked the latest news yet?

#14 HINT: Squirrels live in it, birds rest here, children swing from them.

#15 HINT: On the road to Penwood, take time to dance at the maypole.

#16 HINT: Hint giver near landing point. PINK star.

#17 HINT: look higher

#18 Hint: Doesn't Need One

#19 Doesn't Need One

#20 HINT: Please use hint giver next to the hunt signs for current hint :)

#21 Don't Hide Yourself Behind a Masque

#22 Doesn't Need One

#23 HINT: Who put baby in the corner?

#24 HINT: Smack up the hint giver (on the hunt sign wall) for the current hint.

#25 Doesn't Need One

#26 Under the gaze of Antonio

#27 Take a spin while you are here, especially the ladies.

#28 Doesn't Need One

#29 Doesn't Need One

#30 Look Under

#31 HINT: The wheel turns toward the Beltane Fires, Elements are Called and the Alchemist watches.

#32 Look Behind

#33 Do You Feel Lucky? Well do you?

#34 HINT: Under the watery sea, I bequeath to thee, in order to please, within the Chest of Old.

#35 Hiding in a Corner of Information

#36 HINT: Turn around and look up high 'til twirling ribbons meet your eye.

#37 HINT: near the lady look for the castle guarded by a dragon

#38 HINT: Beltane brings the rejuvenation of spring; Summer is known for its fruits. Autumn is the time for harvest, and Winter is for rest. You will find what you seek when you sit to rest and eat the fruits of summer....

#39 HINT: Lost in the Room of Jewels

#40 HINT: Led Zeppelin is my favorite band.

#41 HINT: I suck at hints, but with that said, It's hanging above my Master's head. Pass one "New" sign, but don't pass two. For between them is a prize for you.

#42 HINT: Doesn't Need One

#43 HINT: Seek me by the mound of rock and fire where wood once green runs thick and black.

#44 HINT: Half way to the moon.

#45 HINT: where the wolf sings.

#46 HINT: always burning for you

#47 Have a Dream with Java

#48 HINT: lost next to you

#49 HINT: I'm sleepy, let's take a nap

#50 HINT: Come and Sit a Spell

#51 HINT: Doesn't Need One

#52 HINT: Won't you come play?

#53 HINT:The cranes will join you in the dance.

- #54 is set to need AGE VERIFY - Previous store has Two LMs inside, choose the one that fits your needs.

#54 HINT: Walk toward the rolling water near the pond of love and look toward the north, for I shall be watching you.

#55 HINT: guarded by rabbits

#56 Walk up the long stairway to the shop - HINT: Come sit by the fire.

#57 Subscribe here

#58 Hint giver is in entry way- Current HINT: Hunts can be so dramatic ..... but it's not that hard if you follow the clues, so mello out, and just have some fun!

#59 HINT: Isn't it time for mushroom picking?

#60 Scrub a Dub Dub

#61 Under the Golden Umbrella

#62 Look to the Magical Creatures for your Prize

#63 HINT: Above the woman clad in bronze

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beltane Hunt - Participating Stores List

Here's a list of stores currently slated to participate in the Ostara Hunt


ADA Fine Textures
Alchemi Scenes
Angel's Haven
Baubles boho Jewelry
#Before Sleep#
Best 1 Prim Plants
Big Z's Custom Ink
Black Dragon Studios
Black Wood Moon
Bound & Bitten
Cheeky Pea
Dreams in Digital Art
Elemental Fusion
Eye Candi
Federschneider Millinery
Gairdin na Sidhe
Geo - ithic
Gestures by Nykeria
Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps
Hectic Moon Designs
Hearth & Home
Karismatic Enchantments
Kastle Rock Couture
Kira's Low Prim Goodies
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Leonine & Co.
Moon's Howling Creations
Morgane Batista's Shop
Muse Matrix Curiosity Shop
N&K CustomZ
October Alchemy
Panther Visions Designs
Prim & Pixel Paradise
Reigning Realms Monthly
Sable Rose Jewelry
Satyr Studio
Secrets of Gaia
Sek's Eclectic Kreations
Sinful Bodies
Sparkle Fish Jewelry
Steamy Victoria
The Temple of Danu and Cernunnos
The U-Neek
Thunder 'N Lightning
TigerEye Design
Tree House Treasures
Vicarious Vitae
Zoe's Garden

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ostara Hunt Path & Hints

UPDATE - Due to an unforseen move, March 28 is the last day for the final prize area. After that, the SLURL will take you to nowhere. -

This is the only OFFICIAL hunt order and hint list for the Wheel of the Year Ostara Hunt.

Throughout this hunt you will be collecting clues. These clues are numbers that will make up a full SLURL to get you to the final prize area where vendors have placed items that are free to 50Ls. Some of these items are exclusive to this hunt, and some are discounted regular stock.

There are 10 clues total and they are numbered and found in order if you do the hunt from start to finish. Store #1 has clue #1, the rest are randomized.

Numbers are SLURLS so if you get stuck, just click on the number to the next store.


2 Hint:Hint giver at tp landing point :)

3 Hint: The Maiden courts her love - I am under a kiss.

4 Hint: Carved into a tree the object you will see


6 (look in the garden building) Hint: Wherever we turn in the storm of roses, the night is lit up by thorns, and the thunder of leaves, once so quiet within the bushes,rumbling at our heels.


8 (cross the bridge) Hint: wild eyes are staring at you

9 Hint: Seek the fire of the Celts

10 Hint: stick around if you're feeling lucky.

11 Hint: Shape it up!

12 Hint: Where charms glimmer and show, a gap can often be found. These gaps can contain great riches to the seeker who truely wants to see.

13 Hint: A garden of hedges reveals the light in the west

14 Hint: Shelving is wonderful.

15 Hint: The water flows and the butterflies fly, take a rest under the ivy lighting the sky.


17 (Watch where you are here. There are 2 stores in the Ostara hunt on this sim.) Hint: The Goddess can be found within the Wild Lord's grasp.

18 Hint: Sit and relax a bit while reading our magazine.

19 Hint: Look to the heavens for the source of her energy

20 Hint: It's not on the first floor, because it's hidden carefully in the store!




24 Hint: Four corners, I am far from a donut.




28 Hint: In a corner I do hide with my poster standing near by.

29 Hint: Girls! Girls! Girls!

30 Hint: it's under the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :)

31 Hint: I can see you!

*** Stores 32 and 33 are in the same shop/building ***

32 Hint: 4 Dragons meet to be followed


34 Hint: Are you feeling lucky?

35 (Watch where you are here. There are 2 stores in the Ostara hunt on this sim.) Find the woman dancing on a shelf.

36 Hint: knock on wood


38 Hint: Knowledge is the key.

39 Hint: Llama, llama, llama, llama (Also - a hint giver on the desk under the subscriber)

40 Hint: Happy Birthday to me!




44 Hint: "Protected by the Lord and Lady"

45 Hint: Take a trip to the 'display house', then look where you might find Mrs Rochester - or flowers.

46 Hint: seek knowledge

47 Hint: (go up the stairs from the landing point to get to the store) Look for the Magenta Light.

48 Hint: Run Hell for leather

49 Hint: I change constantly, maybe today is my lucky day!

50 Hint: You'll see it when you hear it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ostara Hunt - Participating Stores List

All spots are filled. Applications for the Beltane Hunt will be sent out shortly.

Here's a list of stores currently slated to participate in the Ostara Hunt


The Ostara Hunt is sponsored by Vicarious Vitae

ADA Fine Textures

Alchemi Scenes

Angel's Haven

Baubles Boho Jewelry

#Before Sleep#

Black Dragon Studios

Bound & Bitten

Castle Calypso: Gothic Desires



Designs By Isolde

Earthstones Jewelry


Elemental Fusion

Eye Candi

Federschneider Millinery

FrankenLust Holiday Shoppe

Freenote Fantasy

Gairdin na Sidhe

GL Sculpt Maps

Golden Thorn, The

Hearth & Home

Hectic Moon Designs

Jackalope's Workshop

Karismatic Enchantments


Kittycat's Creations

La Bell Dame Sans Merci

Leonine & Co.

Magick by Design


Morgane Batista's shop

Osmosis Gadgets


Prim & Pixel Paradise

Quickening's One Stop Quick Shop

Reigning Realms Monthly Magazine Headquarters


Russian Pagan Tea Room and Baba Jaga Shop

Sable Rose Jewelry

Sanctorum Textures

Satyr Studios

Scot's Magick

Secrets of Gaia

Sparkle Fish Jewelers

Steamy Victoria

Tree House Treasures

U-neek, The

Worldly Treasures