Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beltane Hunt!

Welcome to the Wheel of the Year Hunts Group.

If you need help, join the Wheel of the Year Hunts group to keep up to date with what's going on in this hunt. Copy/paste this into local and click on it to get to the group: secondlife:///app/group/bc2c55a4-1cf4-0acb-96d3-25bd4743a13a/about

This is the only OFFICIAL hunt order and hint list for the Wheel of the Year Beltane Hunt.

Throughout this hunt you will be collecting clues. These clues are numbers that will make up a full SLURL to get you to the final prize area where vendors have placed items that are free to 50Ls. Some of these items are exclusive to this hunt, and some are discounted regular stock.

There are 6 clues total and they are numbered and found in order if you do the hunt from start to finish. Store #1 has clue #1, the rest are randomized.

Numbers are SLURLS so if you get stuck, just click on the number to the next store and copy/paste the SLURL into local chat if the tp from the web doesn't work for you.

#01 HINT: Hint giver on the Wall o' Hunts

#02 Hint Giver At Store

#03 Does not need a hint

#04 HINT: It sure gets warm in red rooms.

#05 HINT: Hint giver on site by hunt signs.

- #6 is set an - ADULT SIM - Previous store has Two LMs inside, choose the one that fits your needs.

#06 HINT: Hint giver near tp landing-current hint "The Witches thrice make burnt offerings"

#07 Does Not Need A Hint

#08 Does Not Need a Hint

#09 HINT: Sings (badly)

'In the woods there grew a tree
And a very fine tree was he
And on that tree there was a limb
And on that limb there was a branch
And on that branch there was a spray
And on that spray there was a nest
And in that nest there was a....'

(from Jack Hicko's 'Maypole Song' for the film 'The Wicker Man')

#10 Bella and Penelope are waiting for you to come dance with them

#11 HINT: Call me on the phone.

#12 HINT: TP TO SKY - hint giver next to tp point in sky store)

#13 HINT: Have you checked the latest news yet?

#14 HINT: Squirrels live in it, birds rest here, children swing from them.

#15 HINT: On the road to Penwood, take time to dance at the maypole.

#16 HINT: Hint giver near landing point. PINK star.

#17 HINT: look higher

#18 Hint: Doesn't Need One

#19 Doesn't Need One

#20 HINT: Please use hint giver next to the hunt signs for current hint :)

#21 Don't Hide Yourself Behind a Masque

#22 Doesn't Need One

#23 HINT: Who put baby in the corner?

#24 HINT: Smack up the hint giver (on the hunt sign wall) for the current hint.

#25 Doesn't Need One

#26 Under the gaze of Antonio

#27 Take a spin while you are here, especially the ladies.

#28 Doesn't Need One

#29 Doesn't Need One

#30 Look Under

#31 HINT: The wheel turns toward the Beltane Fires, Elements are Called and the Alchemist watches.

#32 Look Behind

#33 Do You Feel Lucky? Well do you?

#34 HINT: Under the watery sea, I bequeath to thee, in order to please, within the Chest of Old.

#35 Hiding in a Corner of Information

#36 HINT: Turn around and look up high 'til twirling ribbons meet your eye.

#37 HINT: near the lady look for the castle guarded by a dragon

#38 HINT: Beltane brings the rejuvenation of spring; Summer is known for its fruits. Autumn is the time for harvest, and Winter is for rest. You will find what you seek when you sit to rest and eat the fruits of summer....

#39 HINT: Lost in the Room of Jewels

#40 HINT: Led Zeppelin is my favorite band.

#41 HINT: I suck at hints, but with that said, It's hanging above my Master's head. Pass one "New" sign, but don't pass two. For between them is a prize for you.

#42 HINT: Doesn't Need One

#43 HINT: Seek me by the mound of rock and fire where wood once green runs thick and black.

#44 HINT: Half way to the moon.

#45 HINT: where the wolf sings.

#46 HINT: always burning for you

#47 Have a Dream with Java

#48 HINT: lost next to you

#49 HINT: I'm sleepy, let's take a nap

#50 HINT: Come and Sit a Spell

#51 HINT: Doesn't Need One

#52 HINT: Won't you come play?

#53 HINT:The cranes will join you in the dance.

- #54 is set to need AGE VERIFY - Previous store has Two LMs inside, choose the one that fits your needs.

#54 HINT: Walk toward the rolling water near the pond of love and look toward the north, for I shall be watching you.

#55 HINT: guarded by rabbits

#56 Walk up the long stairway to the shop - HINT: Come sit by the fire.

#57 Subscribe here

#58 Hint giver is in entry way- Current HINT: Hunts can be so dramatic ..... but it's not that hard if you follow the clues, so mello out, and just have some fun!

#59 HINT: Isn't it time for mushroom picking?

#60 Scrub a Dub Dub

#61 Under the Golden Umbrella

#62 Look to the Magical Creatures for your Prize

#63 HINT: Above the woman clad in bronze

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