Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updated Wheel of the Year Hunts Rules

★★ Rules For All Wheel Of The Year Hunts ★★

★ This is a new hunt group for Pagans. This includes ALL Pagans and Pagan friendly stores. While we will happily accept non-Pagan hunters and vendors, we will also happily boot them from the group for preaching to us.

★ There will be a new hunt for each majorly recognized Sabbath. Please do not get your knickers in a twist if your Sabbath is not what we choose to represent that month. You MAY make a gift that reflects your Sabbath if you so choose as long as it is in the same theme as the hunt.

★ If you are approved as a vendor, then I will invite you to join our Group. This group will be where you let me know if you're going to have some problem with your store and so forth.

★ Prior WOTYH vendors will get applications for subsequent hunts first.

★ You will receive a poster for your store, which will need to be displayed outside of your store during the hunt, as well as 2 weeks before. Volunteers will be doing a walk through of the stores 7 days before it starts to make sure the signs are out.

★ You will be notified of your acceptance immediately, so you can start working on your gift. If you have not heard anything about your application status in 1-2 days, please contact me and resend it. I will be making sure that you have the landmark for your item, a week before the hunt.

★ There are no restrictions as to what type of gift you give. However , no resellers, business in a box and/or freebies found in BIAB will be accepted. Must stay within the Theme that is presented. Meaning, you can't just make any old silly thing last minute and call it good. How silly and boring.

★ You MUST have an item for men AND Women. Many hunts cater to just one or the other. This hunt is equal. You must have something for the men as well as women or Uni-sexed (and not that silly excuse of feminine male unisex). Reason for this, many men are on these hunts and most have to rid themselves of 80% of the hunt items because it is for females.

★ Gifts do not have to be Pagan in nature, but they must relate somehow to the theme of the currently represented Sabbath.

★ Keep it exclusive during the hunt. Keep your product exclusive and only available for the hunters during the length of the hunt. After wards, feel free to sell it, if you wish.

★ Hide it.. It is a "Hunt" after all. Many vendors in several hunts just toss the item out in the open for hunters to tp in and leave. No fun! Actually hide the item! Preferably keep it within 30 meters of your hunt sign.

★ MUST have your Hunt sign up. No hunt sign, You are booted from the Hunt.

★ No Clubs. Also a Note on mall spots, if the hunter cannot tp directly in front of your store without having to search, then No. We prefer main stores whenever possible.

★ All questions should be sent via Note-card. Note-card should be labeled WOTYH Q - Your Name and sent to Willow Rajesh

(My personal thanks to Liliane Despres, owner of ..::Rasetsukoku::.. and organizer of the Macabre Hunt for her permission to use her rules)

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