Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ostara Hunt Path & Hints

UPDATE - Due to an unforseen move, March 28 is the last day for the final prize area. After that, the SLURL will take you to nowhere. -

This is the only OFFICIAL hunt order and hint list for the Wheel of the Year Ostara Hunt.

Throughout this hunt you will be collecting clues. These clues are numbers that will make up a full SLURL to get you to the final prize area where vendors have placed items that are free to 50Ls. Some of these items are exclusive to this hunt, and some are discounted regular stock.

There are 10 clues total and they are numbered and found in order if you do the hunt from start to finish. Store #1 has clue #1, the rest are randomized.

Numbers are SLURLS so if you get stuck, just click on the number to the next store.


2 Hint:Hint giver at tp landing point :)

3 Hint: The Maiden courts her love - I am under a kiss.

4 Hint: Carved into a tree the object you will see


6 (look in the garden building) Hint: Wherever we turn in the storm of roses, the night is lit up by thorns, and the thunder of leaves, once so quiet within the bushes,rumbling at our heels.


8 (cross the bridge) Hint: wild eyes are staring at you

9 Hint: Seek the fire of the Celts

10 Hint: stick around if you're feeling lucky.

11 Hint: Shape it up!

12 Hint: Where charms glimmer and show, a gap can often be found. These gaps can contain great riches to the seeker who truely wants to see.

13 Hint: A garden of hedges reveals the light in the west

14 Hint: Shelving is wonderful.

15 Hint: The water flows and the butterflies fly, take a rest under the ivy lighting the sky.


17 (Watch where you are here. There are 2 stores in the Ostara hunt on this sim.) Hint: The Goddess can be found within the Wild Lord's grasp.

18 Hint: Sit and relax a bit while reading our magazine.

19 Hint: Look to the heavens for the source of her energy

20 Hint: It's not on the first floor, because it's hidden carefully in the store!




24 Hint: Four corners, I am far from a donut.




28 Hint: In a corner I do hide with my poster standing near by.

29 Hint: Girls! Girls! Girls!

30 Hint: it's under the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :)

31 Hint: I can see you!

*** Stores 32 and 33 are in the same shop/building ***

32 Hint: 4 Dragons meet to be followed


34 Hint: Are you feeling lucky?

35 (Watch where you are here. There are 2 stores in the Ostara hunt on this sim.) Find the woman dancing on a shelf.

36 Hint: knock on wood


38 Hint: Knowledge is the key.

39 Hint: Llama, llama, llama, llama (Also - a hint giver on the desk under the subscriber)

40 Hint: Happy Birthday to me!




44 Hint: "Protected by the Lord and Lady"

45 Hint: Take a trip to the 'display house', then look where you might find Mrs Rochester - or flowers.

46 Hint: seek knowledge

47 Hint: (go up the stairs from the landing point to get to the store) Look for the Magenta Light.

48 Hint: Run Hell for leather

49 Hint: I change constantly, maybe today is my lucky day!

50 Hint: You'll see it when you hear it.

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